What is Casino Connections?

Casino Connections is a Licensed Casino Junket Representative with 36
years of experience in the casino industry. We book any & all travel
arrangements for rated gamblers.

If you are driving or flying, we’ll make all of your accommodations
in advance with no surprises when you arrive.

Prefer to drive? We have blocks of rooms at all of the Casino Resorts
that we represent. We’ll book your reservations, give you your confirmation info,
and will receive your play report that you can use to your advantage when booking
to other Casino Resort Destinations, like the Bahamas at Bahr Mar, or Atlantis.

We offer Comp or Discounted Cruises on Royal Caribbean, Norwegian,
Celebrity, or Carnival Cruise Lines, from many ports of departure.

We also offer Private Charter Jet Trips, or Round Trip Airfare
on Commercial Airlines from your home airport. Transfers,
Hotel Rooms, Dinner & Show Reservations, Entry into Special Events, & more.
We offer One Stop Shopping with Personalized Service, Expert Guidance,
and Best Value. There are never any charge or fees for our service.

How Do I qualify for Comps, Discount, or Free Trips?

Don’t think that if you are playing slots or even a penny machine
that your play is too small or will not count to the casino.
Casino’s generally give more comp value to time played
on slot machines than they do for table games players.

Be sure you use your Players Card in the Slot Machines,
if you like to play multiple machines, get a few cards from the
Players Card Center, this will build up your comps exponentially.

Casino’s typically require 5 hours of rated slot play per day,
maximum coins played (usually 3) for comp or discounted trips,
Hotel Rooms, etc. depending on the type of machine you are playing.

Ex. You play on a $1.00 slot machine with 3 coins per pull
for 5 hours per day, or you can play a penny machine with 300 coins
per pull for 5 hours per day and have the same comp value for that trip.

What if I lose my Player’s Card?

If you lose your Player’s Card, just go to any Player’s Card Center at the Casino and get a replacement card with the same account number. You will not lost any points if you get a new card with the same account number.

How does the Player’s Card work?

In order to receive the benefits of your players card, you must pick up
your Players Cards at the Players Card Center in the casino.

Be sure you use the card whenever you play in the casino, on both
Tables & in Slot Machines. Play multiple machines? Get a few cards.

All rated play on your players card generates cumulative comp points
you can use for discounts or comps on Hotel Rooms, Restaurants,
in the Gift Shops, Shows, Cash Back, & Free or Discounted future trips.

The #1 factor in your “rating’ is the “time played & average bet
at the Slot Machines & Table Games. At the Table Games, be sure
to check your “time played & average bet” with the Pit Boss after
every session of play before you leave that table. This is the only time
that you can have an effect on Your Rating & Comps for that session.

If you simply leave that table without checking with the boss, you are
accepting whatever rating they give you, & it cannot be changed later.

Most Pit Bosses rate your first bet as your average bet, & tend to lose
some of your time played if you like to change tables.

How do I book a individual trip?

If group trips aren’t your style, we also offer you the choice of travelling on your own schedule, times, & dates or your choice. Our friendly staff will guide you through all elements of your trip, from the time you leave home, to the time you return and everything in between. We’ll arrange your airfare & transfers to and from the destination airport, Hotel Accommodations including Suites, Dinner or Show Reservations, entry onto Special Events, Slot & Table Tournaments, Shopping Events, Drawings for Car & Cash Giveaways, at any of the Casinos we represent.

What is a ‘Group’ trip?

We offer Private Non-Stop 100 Passenger Jet group trips
monthly from multiple cities to a variety of casino destinations.

These trips are listed on the calendar.

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I don’t live in Atlanta, what can Casino Connections do for me?

If you don’t live in Atlanta, don’t worry, we can book a Individual or Group trip from your home airport to any of the casinos we represent. Also, the services we offer on this website are available to all rated gamblers.

How should I pack for these trips?

Please do not pack Airline Tickets, Medication, Identification, or other Valuables in your luggage. Keep them in a purse, brief-case, or other carry-on bag.